The New York Moore Hostel

The New York Moore Hostel is owned and operated by three brothers who travel extensively around the globe experiencing a vast array of hostels, and who use their personal travels and adventures to constantly enhance the ideal hostel experience for our guests.  We pride ourselves on providing our guests with exceptional, cost-efficient, luxury hostel accommodations, which make New York City feel like home.

Our Hostel was built to embody the East Williamsburg aesthetic; with its high ceilings, open spaces and abundance of sunlight. The surrounding neighborhood is flourishing as the new hip spot in Brooklyn, with a new generation of musicians, artists and students exploding upon the scene and new restaurants and bars quickly opening their doors.

The New York Moore Hostel

Keeping with our international spirit, our staff consists of friendly and outgoing people from all over the world. We speak: English, Spanish, Hebrew, and French, as well as several phrases and jokes in other languages that guests have taught us along the way.

Amenities and upgrades are continuously being added to New York Moore and our staff is constantly on the lookout for one of a kind events for guests to attend as we aim to provide the best possible stay and experience in New York.

The New York Moore Hostel is a premier luxury hostel situated in the heart of New York City, without the New York City prices!

Book your stay with us and experience the unique wonder that is THE NEW YORK MOORE HOSTEL!